you me


no, this is not a dating website. ;),
that's award winning creative director guido kröger.




big enough to handle, small enough to care…

…this means creative and reliable work since 1993.


i have an infectious enthusiasm for solving problems
and making things happen.

i care deeply about the design- & consulting-services i provide,

and quality is my top priority.


due to my master in graphic design (and maybe also due to my german roots…), i’m quite meticulous,
and I always keep a watchful eye on the details.


i am dedicated to finding the ideal people to work with –

those who value their and my work, value design,

value my input, and also happen to be nice people.




curious about the symbol “&” (the ampersand)?

find out more in the history of the ampersand

and why designers love the ampersand.